NBA Pick'Em 04/28: Playoffs

Thanks for being a fan of the 1st round, it certainly isn't living up to expectations. People outside of Memphis were fine to see the Spurs win, but America, land of the free, did NOT want to see the Bucks lose to the Raptors last night. This was the 7 game series our founding fathers had in mind when they changed the 1st round from five to seven games in our constitution. It's a damn shame. Maybe the Hawks/Wizards will go to seven, but who the fuck cares? Joe House? 

At any rate, I snapped my 12-game winning streak by believing in the Bucks. No metrics were used in that decision, just pure grit and faith. Whatever, today should be one of the last times I have more than 2 games to predict, hoping to make it count. 

April Yesterday (27th), 2017 Picks: 

Raptors @ Bucks, pick Bucks, LOST
Spurs @ Grizzlies, pick Spurs, WON

Yesterday's Record: 1-1
Playoff Record: 30-10

April Today (28th), 2017 Picks:

Washington Wizards @ Atlanta Hawks

This is the series fans of the NBA need, but not the one they deserve. The series I see going to 7 games is the series I wish never existed in the first place. I feel like screaming, "THE WRONG BOY DIED!" I wish both these teams could lose tonight. But, neither team will ever truly win or ever truly lose. Until one of them has the luxury of scaring Raptors fans for six games. 
Pick: Hawks

Boston Celtics @ Chicago Bulls

Funny story about Chicago, it was likely named after the "Shikaakwa" onion. It's a smelly onion that grew along the river. Who knew. Here's another one, when someone talks about the "criminal underground," they got that reference from the actual criminal activity that happened while Chicago was busy raising/lifting the entire city out of the mud banks. Ok, sorry, hopefully you're a history nut. There's nothing really left to talk about in this series. It was interesting, then it was captivating, and before we knew it, the series was incredibly boring. Maybe the Bulls come out with a fire under their ass. Doubt it. 
Pick: Celtics

Los Angeles Clippers @ Utah Jazz

Grab your popcorn and keep an eye on Chris Paul. He's going to have a public-meltdown tonight. He's had these meltdowns in the past and nobody has really talked about it. It's the same as not acknowledging that your father is alcoholic. He doesn't drink all the time, but once a year or so, he really can't control himself. You say to yourself, "my father is fine, it was a one-time thing and I'm going to disrespect him by even considering the possibility he has a problem." Well you know what? It's Christmas-time again and you overheard him crying to your wife that he didn't get a bonus, then you realize it's the Johanson''s Holiday party is this Saturday. You're feeling uneasy. I don't blame you. 
Pick: Jazz