MLB Pick'Em 04/27

Welcome to MLB Pick'Em 2017! I had a realization yesterday at Costco. The hot food is where the savings are at! Sure, maybe most of the food, the bulk, is more affordable than a grocery store, but that's not always the case. I've often had to stop myself from buying a box of cheerios because I realized I'm only saving pennies compared to the Safeway regular box. However, as we all should know, you can buy an all beef hot dog and a 20 oz soda for $1.50! With tax it comes to $1.65! Throw in the $50 annual membership fee, and you can eat a hot dog a day, get a soda, and the grand total for the meal, after factoring in the membership, is $1.78! That's getting your money's worth right there. I might add that the figure I just quoted is if you eat 360 hot dogs a year. Which I plan on starting to do. It's just economical. 

April Yesterday (26th), 2017 Picks:

Reds vs Brewers, pick Brewers, WON
Royals vs White Sox, pick White Sox, WON
Astros vs Indians, pick Indians, WON
Yankees vs Red Sox, pick Red Sox, LOST
Rays vs Orioles, pick Orioles, WON
Marlins vs Phillies, pick Marlins, LOST
Cubs vs Pirates, pick Cubs, LOST
Mariners vs Tigers, pick Mariners, WON 
Braves vs Mets, pick Mets, LOST
Twins vs Rangers, pick Rangers, WON
Blue Jays vs Cardinals, pick Cardinals, POSTPONED 
Nationals vs Rockies, pick Nationals, WON
Padres vs Diamondbacks, pick Padres, WON
Athletics vs Angels, pick Athletics, LOST
Dodgers vs Giants, pick Giants, WON

Yesterday's Picks: 9-5
Monthly Picks: 173-142
Yearly Picks: 173-142

April Today (27th), 2017 Picks:

Marlins (Volquez) vs Phillies (Hellickson)

Jeremy Hellickson got his first opening day start and is proving why so far this April. He has been dynamite for the Phillies and now he is facing a team he has had success against in his career. In six starts against the Marlins last year they only beat him once. Today will not be there day either. Phillies win.

Pick: Phillies

Mariners (Iwakuma) vs Tigers (Verlander)

The Mariners desperately needed what James Paxton gave them yesterday. Innings and something to believe in. Now that their former ace is down it is time for the future ace to step up and so far so good. Unfortunately he is not pitching today. I give the nod to Mr. Kate Upton and the Tigers to win this game and the series.

Pick: Tigers

Atlanta (Dickey) vs Mets (Harvey)

I got unlucky yesterday with the change back to Gsellman from Syndergaard. Had I known that was going to happen I would have stuck with my original prediction of the Braves and gotten to double digit wins. Syndergaard isn’t pitching today either as he has tightness in his throwing arm. Never a good sign. Anyways Harvey gets the nod today and I like him to get the win for the Mets against Dickey and the Braves.

Pick: Mets

Blue Jays (Latos) vs Cardinals (Martinez) Game 1

Our first doubleheader of the season! This was lifted from the predictions yesterday: Can the Jays win two in a row for the first time this season? Not with Mat Latos on the mound. This gets out of hand early for an easy Cardinals victory.

Pick: Cardinals

Nationals (Gonzalez) vs Rockies (Senzatela)

The Nationals currently have the best record in baseball and get to face a rookie at Coors Field. Usually that is a slam dunk win for the visiting team. Antonio Senzatela is not a normal rookie as he is 3-0 and has pitched well at Coors Field. I think Senzatela and the Rockies win the game today and get the split in the series against the Nats.

Pick: Rockies

Dodgers (Urias) vs Giants (Moore)

Dodgers phenom Julio Urias has been called up to the big leagues and will make his first start of 2017. This kid is going to be really good. I think by the all-star break he will have forced himself into this Dodger rotation. It starts with a win today.

Pick: Dodgers

Astros (Fiers) vs Indians (Kluber)

Corey Kluber looks to keep the momentum going from his last start against the best team in the American League. The Astros are battered right now with various injuries to no less than four every day players. That will play into Kluber’s hands and he will lead the Indians to the win today.

Pick: Indians

Yankees (Tanaka) vs Red Sox (Sale)

Chris Sale gets his first taste of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry today and it will not be pretty for the Yankees. Sale has been dominant so far this year and today will be no different. If he allows more than one run I will be surprised. Red Sox win this game today.

Pick: Red Sox

Blue Jays (Lawrence) vs Cardinals (Wainright) Game 2

In game 2 of the doubleheader the Cardinals once again have the pitching advantage. I do think that eventually the Toronto Blue Jays will win a series. Just not this one. They will get swept in the doubleheader today and the Blue Jays will lose another series and still not have a winning streak this year.

Pick: Cardinals

Padres (Weaver) vs Diamondbacks (Walker)

Two pitchers that got their starts in the American League West now square off in the National League West as Weaver and Walker square off in Arizona. I said that the Padres had to win yesterday to get a win in this series and they got the job done. They needed that as they will not get the win today. Walker and the Diamondbacks win today.

Pick: Diamondbacks

Athletics (Graveman) vs Angels (Nolasco)

The Angels are going for the sweep of the Athletics today and will send Ricky Nolasco to the mound to try and get it done. He will not succeed. He leads the American League in home runs allowed and will allow a couple more today to the Athletics. I think the final score of this one will be 6-4 Oakland.

Pick: Athletics