MLB Pick'Em 04/25

Welcome fans, lovers, and the occasional vegan, to MLB Pick'Em 2017! My thought for the day is this: be kind and rewind. What, you say? Rewind a DVD? Haha, no, rewind those VHS cassettes. I know this only applies if you time travel, but maybe you will time travel. Maybe today is the day you journey back in time to the days of video ribbon. I'm not sure why you would waste a couple hours watching a shitty 80s movie instead of spending quality time with your Mom, who you had to bury in 2015, but is alive and well back in time, ready to be asked those burning questions you regretted never finding out. But hey, who am I to judge? All I'm saying is don't be a dick and leave the video on the right spindle when you're done watching Spicoli order pizza while in class. 

April Yesterday (24th), 2017 Picks:

Cubs vs Pirates, pick Cubs, WON
Rays vs Orioles, pick Rays, LOST
Reds vs Brewers, pick Reds, LOST
Twins vs Rangers, pick Rangers, LOST
Royals vs White Sox, pick Royals, LOST
Nationals vs Rockies, pick Rockies, WON
Padres vs Diamondbacks, pick Diamondbacks, WON 
Blue Jays vs Angels, pick Blue Jays, LOST
Dodgers vs Giants, pick Dodgers, LOST

Yesterday's Picks: 3-6
Monthly Picks: 156-133
Yearly Picks: 156-133

April Today (25th), 2017 Picks: 

Astros (Keuchel) vs Indians (Tomlin)

Josh Tomlin pitched well in his last start and still has an ERA over eleven. That is how bad he was in his first two starts. Now he is facing unbeaten Dallas Keuchel and the red hot Houston Astros. Keuchel has an ERA under one. He is pitching lights out. He will continue to pitch well and the Astros win game one of this possible playoff preview.

Pick: Astros

Rays (Ramirez) vs Orioles (Miley)

Two former Mariners squaring off in this one. I liked Erasmo Ramirez when he was in Seattle. Never thought much of Wade Miley (in case you couldn’t tell from previous posts). Anyways after blowing my Archer pick yesterday and I am sticking with the former Devil Rays to get to Miley early and often and even up the series.

Pick: Rays

Marlins (Chen) vs Phillies (Velasquez)

The last time Wei-Yin Chen pitched he threw seven no hit innings. Safe to say he is riding high right now. Meanwhile Vince Velasquez is looking for his first win of the year. He will not get it today. Velasquez throws hard but has no command and is prone to giving up the long ball. He has given up four home runs in three starts and I think he gives up at least two more today.

Pick: Marlins

Cubs (Hendricks) vs Pirates (Cole)

Gerrit Cole has already beaten Hendricks and the Cubs once in 2017. Cole always pitches well against the Cubs and today will be no different. The Cubs bats are hot right now, scoring 53 runs in their last six games. Cole stymies them today and gets his second win of the season, both against the World Champions.

Pick: Pirates

Yankees (Severino) vs Red Sox (Porcello)

The Yankees-Red Sox rivalry has their first game of 2017 today, as Severino and Porcello square off at Fenway Park. The Yankees have been good at home this year but have struggled on the road and are now facing the reigning Cy Young winner. Rick Porcello hasn’t pitched well this year but today he will shut down the Yankees offense and get back on the winning side.

Pick: Red Sox

Mariners (Hernandez) vs Tigers (Zimmermann)

Felix Hernandez has reinvented himself from a strikeout pitcher to a groundball pitcher. He is being more economical with his pitches which is allowing him to go deeper into games. Now he is facing a Tigers offense minus Miguel Cabrera and half of their regular lineup. This has all the makings of a Felix 8 inning one run game. Mariners win 3-1.

Pick: Mariners

Braves (Teheran) vs Mets (Gsellman)

Both of these teams got swept over the weekend by division foes and now are looking to bounce back. The Mets have had their bullpen falter time and time again and now they are throwing a pitcher in Robert Gsellman who has only gone more than five innings once this year. That is not a good sign for a team that needs its starting pitchers to go deep into games. I think the bullpen loses another one for the Mets today.

Pick: Braves

Reds (Feldman) vs Brewers (Davies)

Eric Thames continues to be a revelation for the Brewers. He hit two more home runs yesterday and now has nine already this year. Thames has feasted on Reds pitching this year, with seven of his nine home runs coming against Cincinnati. I don’t think he will hit a home run today but I do think the Brewers will get the win.

Pick: Brewers

Twins (Santana) vs Rangers (Cashner)

This is going to be an interesting litmus test for Ervin Santana. He has shot out of the gate this year to a 3-0 record with a .64 ERA but he typically struggles against the Rangers. Will we see vintage Santana today or will we see the new and improved Santana? Call me crazy but I am thinking the latter and the Twins win again.

Pick: Twins

Royals (Duffy) vs White Sox (Covey)

 The Royals have to start hitting eventually right? They only managed two hits yesterday in losing 12-1 to the White Sox. Now they send their ace to the mound in what could be a low scoring game. I have all the confidence in Danny Duffy but absolutely none in their offense at the moment. I think a good Duffy start is wasted as the White Sox win a low scoring game.

Pick: White Sox

Blue Jays (Estrada) vs Cardinals (Wacha)

The bright side for the Blue Jays as they actually won two games against the same team for the first time this season. The dark side is they still haven’t won a series after losing yesterday and coming away with a split in Los Angeles. The Cardinals aren’t playing that well either but they are certainly playing better than the Blue Jays. That will continue with a win today.

Pick: Cardinals

Nationals (Ross) vs Rockies (Marquez)

German Marquez makes his first start of the season, replacing Jon Gray in the rotation for the Rockies. I don’t know a lot about him but I do know that I don’t usually trust rookies at Coors Field, whether they are Rockies or visitors. Granted I am not much higher on Joe Ross, but I do think the Nationals win today in which a lot of runs scored. I am going to say something in the 8-5 range for the Nats.

Pick: Nationals

Padres (Richard) vs Diamondbacks (Corbin)

Much like the matchup yesterday, this is a rematch from a game played last week. Yesterday round two of Greinke-Chacin went to the Diamondbacks. Today round two of the Richard-Corbin battle will also go to the Diamondbacks. I like the way they are playing right now and they will continue to play well against the Padres.

Pick: Diamondbacks

Athletics (Hahn) vs Angels (Ramirez)

I have no gut feeling about this game. After reading the previews and the scouting reports I still don’t have an opinion about this game. I have to pick someone though. I am going to go with the Angels with absolutely no confidence whatsoever.

Pick: Angels

Dodgers (Kershaw) vs Giants (Blach)

Ty Blach throws left handed. I said I would pick against the Dodgers against every left hander (except Wade Miley) until they got a win against one. They haven’t yet. Yes I am picking a rookie over a Clayton Kershaw because I am a man of my word. I know this probably isn’t the smartest pick I will have this season, but I am going to with what I said earlier. The rookie beats Kershaw.

Pick: Giants