MLB Pick'Em 04/22

Welcome champs to MLB Piick'Em 2017! We got some picks here for you. Enjoy them. Unfortunately, they're not anything you've ever seen before. I know we all like consistency, but if you're too stubborn to change, then baseball isn't for you. It's a wild game! 

April Yesterday (21st), 2017 Picks:

Red Sox vs Orioles, pick Orioles, WON
Braves vs Phillies, pick Phillies, WON
Yankees vs Pirates, pick Yankees, LOST
Nationals, vs Mets, pick Nationals, WON
Cubs vs Reds, pick Cubs, WON
Astros vs Rays, pick Rays. LOST
Royals vs Rangers, pick Rangers, WON 
Indians vs White Sox, pick Indians, WON
Cardinals vs Brewers, pick Brewers, LOST
Tigers vs Twins, pick Tigers, LOST
Giants vs Rockies, pick Giants, LOST
Dodgers vs Diamondbacks, pick Dodgers, LOST 
Mariners vs Athletics, pick Athletics, WON
Blue Jays vs Angels, pick Angels, LOST
Marlins vs Padres, pick Marlins,  LOST

Yesterday's Picks: 7-8
Monthly Picks: 131-119
Yearly Picks: 131-119

April Today (22nd), 2017 Picks:

Cubs (Arrieta) vs Reds (Reed)

One year and one day ago Jake Arrieta threw a no hitter on the road against the Reds. Now he pitches against on the road against the Reds. Will he get a no hitter today? No. Will he get the win today? Yes.
Pick: Cubs

Tigers (Boyd) vs Twins (Mejia)

The Tigers and the Twins both currently have the same record at 8-8 as they do battle today. The last pitcher to get a win for the Tigers was Matthew Boyd and he is on the mound again today facing a team he has already beaten once this year. I think the Tigers will break that losing streak today and Boyd will be a big reason why.
Pick: Tigers

Mariners (Miranda) vs Athletics (Cotton)

The Mariners usually can’t hit Safeco Field and can hit on the road. This year those are flipped is they are still looking to find their way when they aren’t playing in Seattle. Fortunately for them they are facing a pitcher that struggles with his command and the Mariners are adept at taking a walk. I have picked the Mariners in both games in this series and they have lost. I am going to pick them again today and they will win.
Pick: Mariners

Nationals (Gonzalez) vs Mets (DeGrom)

Jacob Degrom got his start pushed back from yesterday to today because he was dealing with tightness in his back. As man in his thirties I need to know what he did so he is able to pitch just 24 hours later. My back is always tight. Anyway a man coming off a sore back dealing with that Nationals lineup? I’m going with Washington in this one.
Pick: Nationals

Yankees (Pineda) vs Pirates (Taillon)

The Pirates are an odd team. They have been swept on their three week day series so far this year and have swept their two weekend series. The trend continued yesterday with a win over the Yankees. Obviously this will not continue all year long but I think it will continue today as the Taillon and the Pirates win this game (and the series) from the Yankees.
Pick: Pirates

Astros (Morton) vs Rays (Snell)

The Astros were the team that kept their trend going as they continue to play well on the road. This is a well built team that will make the playoffs this year. Now they face Blake Snell who they roughed up the only other time they faced him. Astros win today.
Pick: Astros

Red Sox (Wright) vs Orioles (Aquino)

The last time the Orioles faced the knuckleballer Steven Wright they scored 8 runs in 1 1/3 innings. That is not good for the pitcher. The Orioles are countering with a guy making his Major League debut in Jayson Aquino. I do think that Wright will get out of the second inning today I do think the Orioles stay hot and get the win.
Pick: Orioles

Braves (Garcia) vs Phillies (Eickhoff)

Jaime Garcia pitches better against the Phillies than any team he has faced in his career. The Braves need him to continue that trend as they have lost four in a row and are struggling with the bats. Eickhoff has also had success against the Braves however, amassing an ERA of 1.5 in six starts against Atlanta. Runs might be at a premium again today but I will ride the team that is currently hitting better. That is Philadelphia.
Pick: Phillies

Indians (Carrasco) vs White Sox (Pelfrey)

That was the Corey Kluber I was expecting. A three hit shutout for the Indians yesterday and he looked like he had another couple innings in him if he needed. They say that pitching well is contagious. Let’s see if Carlos Carrasco can catch what Kluber had and keep the Indians in the win column. I think he will.
Pick: Indians

Cardinals (Lynn) vs Brewers (Anderson)

The Brewers need Chase Anderson to go deep into this game as their bullpen has been used early and often in this young season. Anderson seems up to the challenge though. He is averaging six innings a start for the Brewers and they need at least that many today. Not only will he give them the innings they need, he will get the win for the Brewers as well.
Pick: Brewers

Royals (Kennedy) vs Rangers (Martinez)

These are the two worst offenses in the American League. Honestly this game is not even my radar. I have to pick someone though so I am going with the Rangers. Ian Kennedy struggles against the Rangers and we don’t do what Nick Martinez can do as this is first start of the year.
Pick: Rangers

Giants (Moore) vs Rockies (Senzatela)

What horrible news for the Giants about Madison Bumgarner yesterday. They were already in last place and now will be without their best player for eight weeks because of a dirt bike accident. The Rockies are throwing rookie Antoniio Senzatela who no one has been able to figure out so far. All of these ingredients add up to another Rockies victory.
Pick: Rockies

Dodgers (Maeda) vs Diamondbacks (Ray)

Robbie Ray is a left handed pitcher. Until the Dodgers beat a left handed pitcher I will keep picking against them when a southpaw is on the mound. Unless that southpaw is Wade Miley.
Pick: Diamondbacks

Marlins (Straily) vs Padres (Weaver)

I still can’t bring myself to pick Jered Weaver to win a game. I know he has pitched okay to start the season but it is still Jered Weaver. The Jered Weaver that has a slower fastball than Jamie Moyer. The Jered Weaver who spells his first name with two E’s. There is nothing I like about you Jered Weaver. Nothing!!
Pick: Marlins

Blue Jays (Lawrence) vs Angels (Skaggs)

How about that? The Toronto Blue Jays finally got a win. All it took was Mat Latos pitching for them. Now they are trying their luck again by starting a 29 year old rookie making his first Major League start. Why not? Nothing else is working for the Jays. Might start thinking outside the box. Unfortunately this will not work either. There is a reason Casey Lawrence spent eight years in the minors and three years pitching in the Venezuela winter league. He just isn’t very good.
Pick: Angels