NBA Pick'Em 04/21: NBA Playoffs


Thanks for showing up again. This week will be slow and to the point. The truth of the matter is I have a day-date with the misses. I slept in. I'm enjoying life today. That does not mean I skip out on these picks entirely, though. No, it just means I half-ass them. 

April Yesterday (20th), 2017 Picks:

Cavaliers @ Pacers, pick Cavs, WON
Raptors @ Bucks, pick Bucks, WON
Spurs @ Grizzlies, pick Spurs, LOST

Yesterday's Record: 2-1

Playoff Record: 14-5

April Today (21st), 2017 Picks:

Boston Celtics @ Chicago Bulls

I want to pick the Celtics here, but the team is so fragmented right now. Isaiah Thomas flew back to Tacoma, Washington after the Game 2 loss and missed an off-day practice. You hear that Rondo was celebrating by saying the Celtics gave up at the end of Game 2. This is depressing. It's horrible. I hate it. Worst yet, the internet is a glow with news that the Celts will acquire Melo this summer. 
Pick: Bulls

Houston Rockets @ Oklahoma City Thunder

Thunder got a ton of lucky and impossible Westbrook shots to go in during Game 2. They fizzled out in the 4th and they lost. Also, the Thunder's bench is terrible. They're playing at home, but I still laugh at that epic home-court collapse they had against the Spurs earlier this month. I can't bet on them.
Pick: Rockets

Los Angeles Clippers @ Utah Jazz

Home, sweet Mormon home. Do they sell soft drinks at a Jazz home game? As long as they're caffeine free. 
Pick: Jazz