NBA Pick'Em 04/18: NBA PLayoffs

Thanks cherished patrons, keepers of the one true god, the NBA, for congregating once more today. There is an evil in this world, an evil so vile, so hateful, that it will push a hard-working man to the ground and never let him back up, no matter this man's grit. I know, I know, what sort of league would allow such an evil to exist? Well, I am here to tell you that the league, the blessed league, gave no only free will to its followers, but free will to its employees. So do not hate the referees. Hate the game. 

But don't hate these picks. They will set you free. 

April Yesterday (17th), 2017 Picks:

Pacers @ Cavaliers, pick Cavaliers, WON
Grizzlies @ Spurs, pick Spurs, WON

Yesterday's Record: 2-0
Playoff Record: 8-2

April Today (18th), 2017 Picks:

Milwaukee Bucks @ Toronto Raptors

I have no idea what the Raptors were up to in Game 1. They couldn't keep Valanciunas on the floor, despite the fact he should have represented a huge size advantage. This isn't the regular season were a bunch of midgets run fast and score points. This is the motha-fracking playoffs, son. The game slows down, possessions come at a premium. Raps fans must be thinking, "Vala-shunned-us". Then, insult to paralysis, Greg Monroe had a monster game. That wasn't the plan at all. The plan was to force the Bucks to play Monroe at their own expense to battle Valaciunas, no see Monroe put up 14 and 15. I want to pick the Raptors this game. I don't think Lowry will go 2-11 again. I don't think the Raps will only go 21.7% on threes again. However, I do think the Bucks, and especially their GreekFreak won't back down just because they're supposed to be losing.
Pick: Bucks

Chicago Bulls @ Boston Celtics

That game really made me feel bad for the Celtics. Just kidding. I don't care about the Celtics, but I did feel bad for Isaiah Thomas. I wanted that game for him so bad. He played really well too. There were a lot of factors that won'e continue for either side. Bobby Portis won't go 8-10 from the field again, but Mirotic won't go 1-9 either (jk on Mirotic, Bulls fans know what up) . Boston played really well, but no one played out of their minds. Horford had a great game, but that's a level of production you can expect from a consistent pro. Celtics need to shoot a bit better at the line, the Bulls will definitely regress at the line. Enough will go Boston's way today. 
Pick: Celtics

Utah Jazz @ Los Angeles Clippers

From start to finish, this was an insanely close game. And the no-timeout at the end for ISO JOE to close it out was totes NBA: WHERE AMAZING HAPPENS. However, there's a couple stats working in the Clippers favor. Chris Paul and JJ Redick going 2-7 on threes combined? Bad luck. The Clips did shoot 88.2% from the line, so good luck. Blake needs to put in a better game. I dont know.  You'd think that the Jazz losing Gobert would have hurt their defense, but they stuck together. This series talked the talk and is now walking the walk. The Jazz don't play the Clips all that well normally, but I was ready to back them in this series based on bravado. But no Gobert...
Pick: Clippers