MLB Pick'Em 04/17

Welcome patrons of the planet Earth, 3rd one from the Sun to MLB Pick'Em 2017! Ah, the Sun, let's take a moment and reflect on the enormous giant. I wish I could comprehend what the surface of it is like. Pictures don't do it justice. And it's way too hot for me to really understand. I mean, if I burn myself on the stove my next 10 minutes are ruined. Let alone something so hot like the Sun. Plants utilize the light rays in order to make food and then we use the plants as food or we use others animals who use other plants as food as food. Then we die and lock ourselves in boxes, so our decomposing flesh is never allowed to be used as food for plants. That's a pretty selfish thing to do. Because Baseball is played on grass and god damn do I love me some baseball. Here are the picks, both yesterday and today. 

April Yesterday (16th), 2017 Picks:

Orioles vs Blue Jays, pick Orioles, WON
TIgers vs Indians, pick Indians, LOST
Brewers vs Reds, pick Brewers, WON
Mets vs Marlins, pick Mets, LOST
Rays vs Red Sox, pick Rays, LOST
Padres vs Braves, pick Braves, WON
Phillies vs Nationals, pick Nationals, WON
Angels vs Royals, pick Angels, LOST
Pirates vs Cubs, pick Cubs, LOST
Astros vs Athletics, pick Astros, POSTPONED
Rockies vs Giants, pick Rockies, WON
White Sox vs Twins, pick Twins, LOST
Mariners vs Rangers, pick Mariners, WON
Diamond back vs Dodgers, pick Dodgers, LOST 
Cardinals vs Yankees, pick Yankees, WON

Yesterday's Picks: 7-7
Monthly Picks: 96-89
Yearly Picks: 96-89

April Today (17th), 2017 Picks: 

Rays (Snell) vs Red Sox (Wright)

The Red Sox have their annual early morning Patriot Day game. I don’t remember them ever losing that. I think that continues today.
Pick: Red Sox

Pirates (Nova) vs Cardinals (Lynn)

The Cardinals are reeling right now. They just got swept by the Yankees and now own the worst record in the National League. Now they face Ivan Nova and the Pirates back in the friendly confines of St. Louis. This is way too talented of a team to keep playing the way they are and I think they get back in the win column today.
Pick: Cardinals

White Sox (Holland) vs Yankees (Montgomery)

Runs could be out in full force today when two of the hottest offenses in baseball meet at Yankee Stadium. Honestly I don’t think either team is this good but they are riding their hot hands respectively. I like the White Sox to end the winning streak for the Yankees and hand them their first home loss of the year in 2017.
Pick: White Sox

Padres (Weaver) vs Braves (Garcia)

Braves 82-0 at home in 2017!! While they will lose a game eventually in their new park I do not think it will be today. They sweep the Padres to start 4-0 in their new park.
Pick: Braves

Brewers (Anderson) vs Cubs (Lackey)

Chase Anderson has been a pleasant surprise for the Brewers this year. He loves pitching against the Cubs and fares very well against them. That will continue today as the Brewers take game one of this series and defeat Lackey and the Cubs.
Pick: Brewers

Indians (Salazar) vs Twins (Gibson)

I feel like my record in picking Indians games is the worst of all the teams so far. Probably because I pick them to win pretty much every time and they are currently under .500. Yet I am probably glutton for punishment as once again and I am going to pick them to get the offense rolling and pick up a win today.
Pick: Indians

Angels (Chavez) vs Astros (Morton)

The Astros offense is motoring right now and they get to face a pitcher who is giving up a lot of runs and a team that doesn’t score very much. That is a recipe for an Astros win.
Pick: Astros

Rangers (Griffin) vs Athletics (Cotton)

Both of these teams are reeling right now as they were swept during weekend series against division foes. The Rangers blew a 6-1 lead to the Mariners yesterday so at least they are scoring runs. The Athletics only have not been scoring runs consistently so far this year and with the uncertainty of Cotton on the mound I am going to go with the Rangers to break their streak.
Pick: Rangers

Miami (Koehler) vs Mariners (Miranda)

Ichiro is making his triumphant return to Safeco Field in this one as the Marlins look to break the Mariners three game winning streak. The Mariners are honoring him on Wednesday with a dual bobblehead and I am disappointed that I won’t be able to get it. Anyways the Mariners bats are finally starting to come to life and it will continue today as they win their fourth in a row.
Pick: Mariners

Diamondbacks (Ray) vs Dodgers (McCarthy)

Baseball is full of interesting facts and oddities. One of them is that the Dodgers flat out suck against left handed pitching. This has been a recurring theme as last year they did as well. Robbie Ray is left handed. Do you see where I am going with this?
Pick: Diamondbacks