MLB Pick'Em 04/16


Welcome gay frogs to MLB Pick'Em 2017! Were you born that way or did the chemical spray turn you homosexual? Not that there's anything wrong with that. You know what, let the amphibians be who they want to be! I'm pro-choice when it comes to frog love. Let them make the decision. It's their life, they need to do what will make them happy. Guess that means I'm also pro-life when it comes to frog love. Who knew? 

Hey, this isn't a gay frog blog. Let's make some baseball picks! 

April Yesterday (15th), 2017 Picks:

Cardinals vs Yankees, pick Cardinals, LOST
Phillies vs Nationals, pick Phillies, WON
Orioles vs Blue Jays, pick Blue Jays, WON
Brewers vs Reds, pick Reds, WON
White Sox vs Twins, pick White Sox, LOST
Pirates vs Cubs, pick Cubs, LOST
Rays vs Red Sox, pick Red Sox, WON
Astros vs Athletics, pick Astros, WON
Rockies vs Giants, pick Rockies, WON
Tigers vs Indians, pick Indians, WON
Padres vs Braves, pick Braves, WON
Mets vs Marlins. pick Marlins, WON
Angels vs Royals, pick Angels, LOST
Rangers vs Mariners, pick Mariners, WON
Diamondbacks vs Dodgers, pick Dodgers, WON 

Yesterday's Picks: 11-4
Monthly Picks: 89-82
Yearly Picks: 89-82

April Today (16th), 2017 Picks:

Orioles (Bundy) vs Blue Jays (Happ)

The Blue Jays got their second win of the season yesterday but still only scored two runs in doing so. Now they face Dylan Bundy who has already beat them once this year. In fact Bundy beat Happ about a week ago and I think he will do it again today. Still waiting for that Blue Jays offense to show up.
Pick: Orioles

Tigers (Boyd) vs Indians (Carrasco)

I was right in who won the game yesterday but it was definitely not the pitchers dual I expected. Both Verlander and Kluber got rocked yesterday, Kluber less so in leading the Indians to victory. The Tigers haven’t won a series in Cleveland in almost two years and they will have to wait a little longer to do that as the Indians win the game and the series today.
Pick: Indians

Brewers (Peralta) vs Reds (Romano)

Sal Romano is making his first Major League start for the Reds today. Sal Romano doesn’t sound like the name of the a Major League pitcher. It sounds like the name of your local bookie. Be that as it may he is going against the “Ace” of the Brewers staff. I am going with Peralta and the Brewers in this one.
Pick: Brewers

Mets (Harvey) vs Marlins (Straily)

The Marlins have won the last two days because they have gotten to the Mets bullpen. Today Matt Harvey will make the Mets bullpen irrelevant and do all of the heavy lifting himself. Mets win and get a split in the series against the Marlins.
Pick: Mets

Rays (Cobb) vs Red Sox (Pomeranz)

These pitchers have had similar paths to start their careers. They are fairly young and are coming back from arm injuries and are pitching well this to start the season. I have a little more faith in Cobb then Pomeranz at the moment so that is why I am sticking with the Rays to get the win today.
Pick: Rays

Padres (Cahill) vs Braves (Colon)

After all the praise I heaped on Bartolo Colon and comes out and gets lit up like the Fourth of July in his last start. I am not deterred however. The Braves are still undefeated in their new park and I think Colon keeps it going today and the Braves get the sweep.
Pick: Braves

Phillies (Eickhoff) vs Nationals (Gonzalez)

Both of these pitchers have gotten off to sterling starts in 2017. They also both pitch well against the teams they are facing today. I expect a low scoring game but at the end of the day I am going to go with the more experienced pitcher and am going to take Gio and the Nationals.
Pick: Nationals

Angels (Skaggs) vs Royals (Kennedy)

Ian Kennedy has struggled so far this year, and in his career against the Angels. Skaggs won’t be great today but he won’t have to be. The Angels will hit at least three home runs off of Kennedy (Including one by Mike Trout) and end their losing streak.
Pick: Angels

Pirates (Taillon) vs Cubs (Lester)

What an interesting pitching matchup this is. Much like Harvey with the Mets, neither one of these pitchers should trust their bullpen. Because of this fact they need to pitch deep in the game to keep their team in it. I like Jameson Taillon a lot but I am going to lean on Lester in this one to get the win and avoid the sweep.
Pick: Cubs

Astros (Morton) vs Athletics (Cotton)

The Astros are looking for the sweep and their offense is the main reason why. They have scored 17 runs in the first two games of the series, and they look to keep their hot bats going against Jharel Cotton today. Cotton is a talented pitcher with inconsistent command and I think that today that will be his downfall. Astros get the sweep.
Pick: Astros

Rockies (Senzatela) vs Giants (Samardzija)

It is the scrabble matchup of pitchers! These two starters are going in different directions right now. Antonio Senzatela is pitching great to start the season for the Rockies. Jeff Samardzija is not. I am going to go with the rookie to beat the veteran and for the Rockies to knock “The Shark” around and get the win.
Pick: Rockies

White Sox (Shields) vs Twins (Santiago)

Is it time for me to take James Shields seriously as a pitcher again? In his first two start he has looked very sharp. He is facing a Twins team that hasn’t had to score a lot of runs lately as their starting pitching has been outstanding. I am still a little wary of Shields so I am going with the Twins, but if he has one more strong outing then I can consider picking him again.
Pick: Twins

Mariners (Iwakuma) vs Rangers (Hamels)

Both of these starting pitchers have pitched well enough to get at least one win this year but their respective bullpens has let them down. Both of them had big leads in the ninth inning against the Angels in their last starts and then the bullpen collapsed. The Mariners bullpen is more rested than the Rangers and the bats for Seattle are starting to come to life. Combine that with Hamels struggles at Safeco and I think the Mariners get the sweep.
Pick: Mariners

Diamondbacks (Walker) vs Dodgers (Hill)

Rich Hill is back from the disabled list after landing there with blisters on his fingers. He throws a nasty curve ball that tears up hitters as well as his fingers. Now he opposed the maddening Taijuan Walker, who so far is doing exactly what he did in Seattle. Be frustratingly inconsistent. I know that Rich Hill will land on the disabled list again this season but today he gets the job done for the Dodgers.
Pick: Dodgers

Cardinals (Wainwright) vs Yankees (Pineda)

This is the worst start for the Cardinals since this writer was in middle school. Now they face a pitcher who retired the first 20 batters he faced in his last start. Things look bleak for the Cardinals and while I think they are too talented to play like this all year long I like the Yankees to win tonight and win their seventh in a row.
Pick: Yankees