MLB Pick'Em 04/15

Welcome compadres to MLB Pick'Em 2017! Your one-stop-shop for all your gambling needs. Need that last clue for a 10-team parlay? We got what you neeeeeeeed. Want to settle a side bet with a close friend? We give the people whaaaaaat they want. Feel like embarrassing the shit out of your step-father who questioned your masculinity in front of your children? Look no further, friend. 

Enjoy yourself as you read. 

April Yesterday (14th), 2017 Picks:

Pirates vs Cubs, pick Pirates, WON
Phillies vs Nationals, pick Nationals, WON 
Cardinals vs Yankees, pick Cardinals, LOST
Orioles vs Blue Jays, pick Blue Jays, LOST
Rays vs Red Sox, pick Rays, WON
Tigers vs Indians, pick Tigers, WON
Brewers vs Reds, pick Reds, LOST
Mets vs Marlins, pick Mets, LOST
Padres vs Braves, pick Padres, LOST
White Sox vs Twins, pick White Sox, WON 
Angels vs Royals, pick Royals, WON
Astros vs Athletics, pick Astros, WON
Rangers vs Mariners, pick Mariners, WON
Diamondbacks vs Dodgers, pick Dodgers, WON 
Rockies vs Giants, pick Giants, WON

Yesterday's Picks: 10-5
Monthly Picks: 78-78
Yearly Picks: 78-78

April Today (15th), 2017 Picks:

Cardinals (Martinez) vs Yankees (Sabathia)

Carlos Martinez had a great first start and a horrible second start. Him and the Cardinals are reeling a little bit to start the year, at only 3-7. Meanwhile the Yankees continue to hit the crap out of the ball and now turn to Sabathia. I think this game will go to the Cardinals by the score of 6-4. Martinez will be okay, not great, but the Cardinals will get to Sabathia and get the win.
Pick: Cardinals

Phillies (Hellickson) vs Nationals (Roark)

Tanner Roark has done well in his career against the Phillies, but hasn’t gotten much run support in those games.  He has an ERA under 3.5 but is only 5-5 against them. Now he is facing Hellickson, who has already shut down the Nationals once this year. Hellickson is pitching well to start the year and I like that to continue, leading the Phillies to a win in a low scoring affair.
Pick: Phillies

Orioles (Asher) vs Blue Jays (Estrada)

What to make of the Toronto Blue Jays? They got beat by Wade Miley yesterday! At 1-9 they currently have the worst record in all of baseball, and their vaunted offense still hasn’t gotten going. I predict another low scoring affair today, but this time the Blue Jays end up on the right side. They have to start hitting eventually right?
Pick: Blue Jays

Brewers (Davies) vs Reds (Finnegan)

Zach Davies is struggling right now. Brandon Finnegan is sparkling right now. I don’t see either one of those changing today.
Pick: Reds

White Sox (Quintana) vs Twins (Santana)

These two faced off against each other last week with Ervin Santana and the Twins getting the win over Quintana and the White Sox. I think today will be different. We haven’t seen Quintana’s best stuff yet and today he starts to show why he is the ace of this staff and why teams want to trade for him.
Pick: White Sox

Pirates (Glasnow) vs Cubs (Arrieta)

Another matchup between a struggling pitcher and a surging one. This surging pitcher also is Jake Arrieta, so him getting off to a fast start is not a surprise at all. While I do think Tyler Glasnow’s ERA is going to drop under 27 today, I am still going to ride the hot hand and go with Arrieta and the Cubs.
Pick: Cubs

Rays (Odorizzi) vs Red Sox (Sale)

Chris Sale hasn’t gotten a win as a Red Sox pitcher yet despite getting off to a phenomenal start. He has allowed only 2 runs in 15 innings, but the Red Sox can’t get on the board for him. Today is the day that changes. Sale earns his first win in a Boston uniform and the Red Sox take down the Rays.
Pick: Red Sox

Astros (McCullers) vs Athletics (Manaea)

Both of these young guns are true strikeout pitchers. Both of these teams are free swinging as well, so we will probably see a lot of k’s in this game. The difference is that McCullers is overall a better pitcher. Manaea can strike people out, but he also got rocked in his first two starts this year. I like McCullers and the Astros to win this game and take the series.
Pick: Astros

Rockies (Chatwood) vs Giants (Moore)

Tyler Chatwood owns the Giants in San Francisco. He has an ERA of 2.12 in his last three seasons while pitching at AT&T Park. These are the type of stats that I love to read. They are also the type of stats that helps me make my picks. Rockies win.
Pick: Rockies

Tigers (Verlander) vs Indians(Kluber)

What a pitching matchup we have here. Corey Kluber finally escapes pitching in the desert and the blisters on his fingers will thank him for that. I remember in Kluber’s last start I picked him to lose. I will not be doing that two times in a row. 2-1 Indians win.
Pick: Indians

Padres (Richard) vs Braves (Dickey)

The Braves opened their new park yesterday with a big win against the Padres, and are now facing a pitcher who has never beat them. Clayton Richard is 0-5 with an ERA of almost 7 against Atlanta, and his struggles will continue today. Dickey will have the knuckleball dancing all over the place and the Braves win again.
Pick: Braves

Mets (Degrom) vs Marlins (Conley)

Adam Conley gets the start today after losing the game on Thursday by allowing a 16th inning home run. He only threw one inning in that game so he will have plenty in the tank. Before that game he was perfect against the Mets and averaged a strikeout an inning in getting there. I think he gets back on his hot streak today and the Marlins win this game without it going into extra innings.
Pick: Marlins

Angels (Shoemaker) vs Royals (Karns)

Oh boy. I believe that this matchup has the makings of a wild 10-9 game where both pitchers get rocked early and it is up to the bullpens to save the game. The Angels seem to thrive in those games so far this year and the Royals bullpen is in shambles so I am going with the Halos to get the win today.
Pick: Angels

Rangers (Cashner) vs Mariners (Paxton)

Last time Paxton pitched I over thought and picked against him. Will not make that mistake again today. Mariners get their first winning streak of the season today.
Pick: Mariners

Diamondbacks (Corbin) vs Dodgers (Maeda)

Much like the Mariners yesterday, the Dodgers are unveiling a statue of the great Jackie Robinson today. I have a rule. I will not pick against a team that is unveiling a statue that day. Just made it up, but it seems to fit.
Pick: Dodgers