MLB Pick'Em 04/14


Welcome fellow patriots to MLB Pick'Em 2017! Where you can always assume smooth tunes and harsh criticism. Today we feature "picks" and these "picks" are actually predictions of the outcome of games of baseball played by professionals. Should be entertaining!

April yesterday (13th), 2017 Picks:

Twins vs Tigers, pick Tigers, LOST
Pirates vs Red Sox, pick Red Sox, WON
Dodgers vs Cubs, pick Dodgers, LOST
Rangers vs Angels, pick Rangers, WON
White Sox vs Indians, pick Indians, LOST
Rays vs Yankees, pick Yankees, WON
Orioles vs Blue Jays, pick Orioles, WON
Brewers vs Reds, pick Brewers, WON
Mets vs Marlins, pick Marlins, LOST
Athletics vs Royals, pick Royals, WON
Rockies vs Giants, pick Giants, LOST

Yesterday's Picks: 6-5
Monthly Picks: 68-73
Yearly Picks: 68-73

Pirates (Cole) vs Cubs (Hendricks)

Gerrit Cole has pitched well against the Cubs in his career. The Cubs are coming off of a hard fought series win against the Dodgers and now have to face one of their nemeses. I think that once again Cole gets the better of the Cubbies as the Pirates take game one of this series.
Pick: Pirates

Phillies (Nola) vs Nationals (Strasburg)

Aaron Nola is a very talented pitcher for the Phillies. There is a reason why he went #7 overall a couple years ago. I think he will have a fine career. However Strasburg absolutely owns the Phillies and I have no reason to think that this game will be any different.  Strasburg stays hot and the Nationals get the win.
Pick: Nationals

Cardinals (Wacha) vs Yankees (Tanaka)

This is a matchup that is tough to figure out. Two talented pitchers going against each other.  One is struggling to start the year and one has started well. I don’t think Tanaka will continue to have an ERA over 11 but I do think he loses this game to Wacha and the Cardinals.
Pick: Cardinals

Orioles (Miley) vs Blue Jays (Sanchez)

The only time I will pick Wade Miley is if he somehow is going against Jeremy Guthrie. Since he is going against the ace of the Blue Jays, this one is pretty easy.
Pick: Blue Jays

Rays (Archer) vs Red Sox (Porcello)

You have last years Cy Young winner against the pitcher who I think will win it this year. Chris Archer has been phenomenal this year and he will continue to dominate the American League East. First the Yankees, then the Blue Jays, and now he will defeat the Red Sox.
Pick: Rays

Tigers (Norris) vs Indians (Bauer)

It feels like I haven’t gotten an Indians game right yet this year. When I think they will hit well, they struggle and vice versa. I still don’t trust Trevor Bauer and I like Daniel Norris. I think the Tigers take game one of this series between A.L Central rivals. Should be a good weekend series though.
Pick: Tigers

Brewers (Milone) vs Reds (Feldman)

This is easily the most underwhelming pitching matchup of the day. Scott Feldman has pitched pretty well in his first two starts for the Reds so I guess I’m going with him. Not very confident in this pick but I got to pick someone. Go Reds!
Pick: Reds

Mets (Syndergaard) vs Marlins (undecided)

After going 16 innings yesterday the Marlins now get the pleasure of going against Thor. The reason why it says undecided here is because Miami used their projected starter last night. In fact he is the one who gave up the game winning home run in the 16th.  I would have taken Syndergaard against Conley. I am definitely taking him against “undecided”.
Pick: Mets

Padres (Chacin) vs Braves (Teheran)

After seeing Kershaw and Bumgarner in his first two starts of the year Jhoulys Chacin must be ecstatic that he now gets to go against Teheran. He actually outdueled Bumgarner and the Padres have been playing decent baseball so far in 2017. I think that continues and Chacin and the Padres get the win to get over .500
Pick: Padres

White Sox (Covey) vs Twins (Mejia)

Dylan Covey hasn’t pitched this year. Adalberto (Yes I double checked to make sure that was spelled correctly) Mejia has and it wasn’t pretty. I don’t know anything about either one of these but I will take the unknown over the guy known who struggled. Give me Covey and the White Sox.
Pick: White Sox

Angels (Ramirez) vs Royals (Duffy)

JC Ramirez is 2-0 for the Angels but hasn’t pitched well in getting there. He has been the beneficiary of some serious run support from his teammates. Danny Duffy has pitched well enough to be 2-0 but hasn’t gotten the same amount of help from his teammates. I think it evens out today and the Royals do enough to get Duffy win #2 and hand Ramirez his first loss.
Pick: Royals

Astros (Keuchel) vs Athletics (Graveman)

The Astros must be sad that they don’t play the Mariners for a while. They took 5 out of 7 in the first two weeks of the season and now face an Oakland team that has been exceeding expectations so far. I think the Astros continue their hot streak and Keuchel leads them to victory here.
Pick: Astros

Rangers (Perez) vs Mariners (Hernandez)

The home opener for Felix and they are unveiling a statue for Ken Griffey Jr. at Safeco Field. I just don’t see how the Mariners lose this one.
Pick: Mariners

Diamondbacks (Greinke) vs Dodgers (Kershaw)

The anti Covey-Mejia match here! Two great pitchers and former teammates going at it. The Dodgers might have the same hangover as the Cubs after their “playoff in April” series, but the difference is Greinke is too inconsistent and the Cubs don’t have the best pitcher on the planet throwing for them. Give me Kershaw.
Pick: Dodgers

Rockies (Anderson) vs Girants (Cueto)

Johnny Cueto has half of the Giants win so far. With Bumgarner being a hard luck loser again last night they need Cueto to stem the tide for them again. Once again I think he is up to the challenge and he leads the Giants to another low scoring victory.
Pick: Giants