MLB Pick'Em 04/13


Welcome tired travellers to MLB Pick'Em 2017! You may have noticed the graphics above out logo go through trends that die out and are replaced. We started out with baseball coins, hoping to capture that predicting the future ultimately comes down the chance. Then we had a short-lived series of animals dressed up as old-timey players--what a show that was! Currently, we have what I can only assume are erotic photos used sometime in the early twentieth-century. Oh boy, they are telling. We aren't sexist here at Hurry and Yell, we're historians. These pictures tell a tale as old as time. A tale that might see its end someday if political correctness wins out. Who knows. Not us. We only know baseball (not that our record would indicate that). 

April Yesterday (12th), 2017 Picks: 

Rays vs Yankees, pick Rays, LOST
Twins vs Tigers, pick Tigers, WON
Padres vs Rockies, pick Rockies, LOST
Cardinals vs Nationals, pick Nationals, LOST 
White Sox vs Indians, pick Indians, LOST
Mets vs Phillies, pick Phillies, LOST
Reds vs Pirates, pick Pirates, LOST
Brewers vs Blue Jays, pick Blue Jays, LOST
Orioles vs Red Sox, pick Orioles, WON
Braves vs Marlins, pick Marlins, LOST
Dodgers vs Cubs, pick Cubs, LOST
Athletics vs Royals, pick Athletics, WON
Rangers vs Angels, pick Angels, LOST
Astros vs Mariners, pick Mariners, LOST
Diamondback vs Giants, pick Diamondbacks, LOST 

Yesterday's Record: 3-12
Monthly Record: 62-68
Yearly Record: 62-68

April Today (13th), 2017 Picks:

Twins (Hughes) vs Tigers (Zimmermann)

Jordan Zimmermann shut down the vaunted Red Sox lineup in his last start. I have no reason to believe he won’t do it to the Twins lineup today. The Tigers are going for the sweep today and I think they will get there behind the right arm of Jordan Zimmermann. You can keep expecting this from Zimmermann until he gets injured in a couple months. He has the talent, but his old-ass body can’t last a whole season anymore.
Pick: Tigers

Pirates (Kuhl) vs Red Sox (Rodriguez)

Just like the game yesterday, I think this one will be a high scoring affair. The difference is today I like the Red Sox to get the win. I mean, I thought they were going to get the win yesterday too, but today they’ll get it in real life. Something in the range of 7-4. The Red Sox can score runs, they just need pitchers to step up. I think Rodriguez holds off on tipping his pitches long enough for the Sox to win.
Pick: Red Sox

Dodgers (Ryu) vs Cubs (Anderson)

This series has not disappointed from a drama standpoint. You can clearly tell that these two teams are evenly matched and out for blood. I picked the Cubs to win the first two and went 1-1. Today I am going with the Dodgers to win the game and the (world) series.
Pick: Dodgers

Rangers (Darvish) vs Angels (Nolasco)

I have gone with Yu Darvish the first two times he has pitched this year. I am going to pick him a third time today as well. He’s my fucking golden goose. As goose’s usually fair in MLB sanctioned games, he will have a very dominant performance today and will get his first win of 2017.
Pick: Rangers

White Sox (Gonzalez) vs Indians (Tomlin)

I really liked the Cleveland Indians coming into this year. I still do. But they need to get those bats going, and they need to do it soon. Before time runs out. They only have another 5 ½ months! The Indians pitching has been good this year, but if they want to get back to the World Series, they need someone beyond Francisco Lindor to get hits.  I think they start hitting today and get the win against the Pale Hose.
Pick: Indians

Rays (Andriese) vs Yankees (Severino)

The Yankees right now are the anti-Indians. They are hitting the shit out of the ball, and their pitching has been just okay. They are facing a Rays team that had a good first week but has struggled scoring in the last few games. I think that continues as the Yankees put a feather in their broom and sweep Tampa Bay.
Pick: Yankees

Orioles (Gausman) vs Blue Jays (Liriano)

The Orioles busted out of a slump in a big way yesterday, hitting five home runs in a 12-5 win against Boston. Now they find themselves playing a team that can’t currently hit their way out of a wet paper bag. Gausman hasn’t been sharp this year, but with the way the Blue Jays are hitting, he only has to be consistent. 
Pick: Orioles

Brewers (Nelson) vs Reds (Arroyo)

The Reds are bringing out Bronson Arroyo for another start? I thought he would have gotten the Jeremy Guthrie treatment. Sign me up!
Pick: Brewers

Mets (Gsellman) vs Marlins (Chen)

This is a tough matchup for me to predict. The Mets are playing well right now but I like Chen as a starter. I’m going with my gut in this one and going with Chen and the Marlins to squeak out a low scoring win against the Mets.
Pick: Marlins

Athletics (Hahn) vs Royals (Vargas)

The Royals have looked abysmal to start the season and are looking to avoid the sweep at the hands of the Athletics. Jason Vargas has been the one bright spot, as the one game he pitched he did well. I think he pitches well again today and the Royals get the win and salvage a game in this series.
Pick: Royals

Rockies (Gray) vs Giants (Bumgarner)

If this game was at Coors Field I would like Bumgarner to hit two more home runs and for the Giants to win going away. Since this game is in San Francisco I like him to only get the win.  Jon Gray will be the ace of the Rockies staff, but MadBum is the ace of all our hearts.
Pick: Giants