“And You Think I’m Reckless?” Super Bowl LI Prop Bets

“All right, the bet is 20 dollars…carnal knowledge….of a lady this time.”

“All right, the bet is 20 dollars…carnal knowledge….of a lady this time.”

There are few things more ridiculous than Super Bowl prop bets.  However, it is a tremendously entertaining concept that engages people that aren’t engaged in the game itself.  Over 115 million people watch the Super Bowl.  That is close to the amount of people that voted in the 2016 Presidential election.  Maybe half of that amount actually cares about the game.  The rest of the viewing audience is concerned with prop bets and commercials, and food, mostly food.  There are a variety of unpredictable prop bets where you can flush any amount of money you want down the toilet.  Here is a guide.


How long will it take for Luke Bryan to sing the US National Anthem?

Over/Under: 2:09

Typically the more operatic the singer, the longer the anthem.  The anthem for a long time clocked in right around 2 minutes for many years.  Lately it’s been edging upward, closer to 2:15-2:30.  However, Luke Bryan is a country singer, and I expect a simple, undramatic take on the anthem which will end right around two minutes.

Pick: Under


What will Luke Bryan be wearing when he starts singing the US National Anthem?

Blue Jeans 1/2
Any other pants or shorts 3/2

This is a tough one.  Typically singers are going to dress up when singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl.  However, Luke Bryan is a country singer and the Super Bowl is in the decidedly not swanky Houston, Texas.  I actually think he’s going to wear black jeans in a bid to be more formal in a country way.

Pick: Any other pants or shorts



Will Luke Bryan forget or omit a word from the Official US National Anthem?

Yes 4/1
No 1/7

You don’t see an anthem flub during the Super Bowl a lot until a few years ago when Christina Aguilera, an anthem veteran, screwed up the lyrics.  She knew the lyrics, broke it, and broke a major rule of anthem singing. However, Bryan, being a country singer, probably sings the National Anthem to himself before sleep every night, I doubt he screws it up.

 Pick: No.


How many times will "Matty Ice" be said on TV during live broadcast?

Over/Under 2

If CBS were broadcasting this game, and Jim Nance and Phil Simms were blathering their way through it, I would definitely bet the under.  However I could definitely see at least two instances that Joe Buck and Aikman say “Matty Ice”.  First, when the Falcons offense takes the field before a commercial break, I could see Buck saying, “Matty Ice and the Falcons take the field, next.” Then, later in the game, after a big passing play on a third down, Troy Aikman will definitely drawl, “That’s why they call him Matty Ice”.  I expect the Falcons to have a few big plays in this game, giving Aikman and Buck plenty of opportunities to repeat themselves.

Pick: Over



What color will the liquid be that is poured on the winning coach?

Clear 3/1
Lime/Green 3/1
Orange 3/1
Yellow 3/1
Red 6/1
Blue 15/2
Purple 12/1

This one is pretty cut and dry.  Last week in the NFC Championship game, the Falcons doused Dan Quinn with lime green.  Through the years, Belichick appears to be a clear Gatorade kind of guy. Both are going off at the same odds.  You don’t change your Gatorade color before the Super Bowl, it’s just a bad idea.

Pick: Lime/Green


What color will Lady Gaga's hair be when she comes on stage for the Halftime show?

Blonde 1/4
Any other Color 5/2

The odds of Lady Gaga taking the stage for a Super Bowl halftime performance with regular, ordinary, blonde hair, seems ludicrous to me.

Pick: Any other color



Which song will Lady Gaga play first during the Halftime show?

Born this Way 9/4
Bad Romance 5/2
Edge of Glory 6/1
Poker Face 10/1
Just Dance 10/1
Any Other Song 11/10

Any other song is the safest pick here.  However, it’s best to start a halftime show with a classic, not a legendary song like “Bad Romance”, but something the crowd knows.

Pick: Just Dance