You're Not Even Supposed To Be Here... Part 2

We bring you the Sunday version of the Saturday version you may have already read. 

Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers
When: January 8; 10:05am PST on CBS
Where: Pittsburgh, PA
Excitement Level: An overcooked steak

Adam Gase took over a bloated, lazy and underachieving Dolphins team, took some lumps early on, and then won nine of their last eleven games.   This is only their second playoff birth since the second year of the Dave Wannstedt’s mustache era.  I recall reading a comment on Twitter during one of Gase’s losses, ripping him because the Dolphins were having trouble getting the right personnel on the field, apparently this meant he was and always will be a terrible head coach.  The rationale expectation of this was that it was a new coach and a new system and it isn’t picked up overnight.  Matt Moore has come in and done a solid job, but he’s definitely at least a You’re Not Even Supposed To Be Here Second team All-Star.

The Steelers look better than they actually are.  They won their last seven games, but only one of those victories came against a playoff team (Giants).  Their defense is OK, and the offense scores in fits and starts.  If Ryan Tannehill was starting, I would lean toward the Dolphins, but he’s not, such is life. 

New York Giants at Green Bay Packers
When: Janurary 8th; 1:40pm PST on FOX
Where: Green Bay, WI
Excitement Level: Palpable

Since 1986, and with the exception of the weird 1993 season, every single time the Giants have won one playoff game, they have gone on to play in the Super Bowl.  Both times that Eli Manning has beat the Packers in the playoffs, they have gone on to win the Super Bowl. 

The real battle of this game lies in the Packers offense vs the Giants defense.  The Giants, like they do, have a monster front four and a good secondary.  The Packers offense has heated up toward the end of the season thanks to quicker throws and Aaron Rodgers playing like a god.  Historically, the Packers under Rodgers are not tremendously explosive in the playoffs, especially outdoors.  They can’t really run the ball, and the defenses that you find in the playoffs do a good job of keeping Rodgers in the pocket.  That said, I think the Giants are probably a year away from making a real run through the NFC.  But, who knows, it’s the wild card round.