Get Me A Milk, Chocolate: Week 2 NFL Picks

I didn't fare so well with my picks in week 1.  It turns out using quotes from the classic film A Knight's Tale is a bad idea when it comes to predicting the future. Nonetheless, I am going to channel my inner George McFly in the diner, and try again.

Broncos at Chiefs (-3)

The Chiefs beat the Texans the same way they beat every team. Throwing touchdowns to their tight ends and running backs and forcing turnovers with their defense. The Broncos offense struggled with Baltimore but rode a. stiff defense to a win. Manning has dispatched the Chiefs over the last couple years by spreading them out and beating them in man coverage. New coach Gary Kubiak is more of a two tight end kind of guy.  I think Denver is still working out the kinks in their new system and the Chiefs are always tough at home.  Chiefs win and cover. 

Patriots (-1.5) at Bills

Rex Ryan's defense overwhelmed the Colts up front and stuck with them pretty well in cover 1 on the back end. I think the Patriots offensive line will hold their own against Buffalo's front in the passing game but struggle to run the ball.  The Buffalo offense have an assortment of weapons on offense and a bevy of mediocre quarterbacks to get them the ball. If Percy Harvin, Sammy Watkins and LeSean McCoy are Biff Tannen's new car, Tyrod Taylor is the manure that gets dumped on that car. And like, Biff, I hate manure.  This game will be a low scoring brawl, but the Patriots will win by a field goal and cover. 

Cardinals (-2.5) at Bears

I'm not very high on the Cardinals this year, and for some reason, I like the Bears in this game. I didn't think they looked all that bad against Green Bay. They are definitely more talented and better coached than last year and this feels like a game where Carson Palmer throws a few befuddling picks.  Bears win.

49ers at Steelers (-5.5) 

At first look, this line seems a little high.  The 49ers played fast and physical against an unprepared Vikings team.  However, they have to travel to the east coast on a short week against a well rested Pittsburgh team.  The 49ers secondary can be exploited and i could see the Steelers zone blitzes confusing Kaepernick.  Close game, but Steelers win by a touchdown.

Falcons at Giants (-2.5) 

The Falcons used smoke, mirrors and a Can Do attitude to beat the Eagles on Monday Night Football.  The Giants imploded at the end of the fourth quarter against the Cowboys.  I think the Giants are going to surprise a few people this year.  The Falcons are better than last year, but I think they are going to crash back to reality.  Giants win and cover.

Titans at Browns (Even)

Marcus Mariota had a great coming out party against the inept Buccaneers. Mariota didn't have a lot of trouble against the Tampa 2. I also can't figure out how Tampa Bay went from being a talented bad team in 2013 to an untalented bad team in 2015.  Mariota won't have near the success he had last week against Cleveland. The Browns will throw a lot of different looks and blitzes at him. That said, the Browns, who went out and somehow made their uniforms more hideous, can't move the ball, and won't win this game.

Texans at Panthers (-3)

The Texans offensive line is pretty bad, and it makes their quarterbacks even worse.  The Panthers are rock solid up front.  Cam Newton still has his foibles with accurately throwing a football, but I think they do just enough to win and cover.

Bucs at Saints (-9.5)

Tampa is terrible but this line is an overreaction.  The Saints aren't a good team anymore. Saints win but Tampa covers and the sports world starts to realize that both, not just one, of these teams suck.

Lions at Vikings (-3)

The Vikings were pushed around and bullied by the 49ers. The Lions lost to the pesky Chargers. I have no idea why Minnesota is favored, just as Marty McFly's grandfather had no idea why George McFly fell out of a tree and in front of his car.  Either way, I'm taking forced movie references and the Lions in this one.

Rams at Washington (-3.5)

I feel like these teams play in Washington every year and every year the Redskins are worse.  The Rams have a lot of talent, Jay Gruden and friends do not. Take the Rams to win and cover.

Seahawks at Packers (-3.5)

The Seahawks miss Kam Chancellor. The Rams successfully stretched out the Seahawks cover three with a lot of crossing routes by the tight end and the slot receiver.  They also owned the Seahawks up front, which isn't surprising, the Rams have the best front four in football.  I think the Packers are the better team right now. However, they do not run a lot of the passing plays that typically work against the Seahawks and the Seahawks will handle the Packers propensity to run left better than the Bears did.  The Seahawks should be able to run the ball, but I think Dom Capers will have a field day confusing the Seahawks new center.  Packers win in a close one, but I'll say they cover.

Rest of the picks:

Bengals over Chargers

Dolphins over Jaguars

Ravens over Raiders

Eagles over Cowboys

Colts over Jets

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