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Welcome to the top one percent of all advice columns. The elite. The best of the best. Together, we'll make it better.  This isn't my own advice I'm giving here, ladies and gentlemen. Hollywood writers, dynamic actors do that. I am just the instrument of that advice. And although you may read this and not need the help, I must always act as though you do. 

Most of you will solve your problems on your own, but if you don't... send me an email to, I'll fly with you.

All right, let's start keeping up foreign relations with your problems. 

Q: I'm a pretty open person and find it hard to say no to people so I end up getting into conversations/messages with too many people at the same time which ends up with me just leaving everyone and chilling on my own. Is this ok to do or should I make the effort to continue talking? Thanks. -Call sign, Introvert Cat

After the first MIG encounter, Maverick and Goose were running low on fuel and had to get back to the ship. Through the radio, though, Maverick could hear that Cougar was too shook up to land the plane. Despite Goose’s objection, Maverick abandoned his landing and flew back out to guide Cougar back to the aircraft carrier. You should always land your plane when you know you're low on fuel, but don’t be ignorant of the times you need to be brave and get back out there. 

Q: So I currently have a credit card with $1000 limit, amazon card $700 and paypal credit $500, and I don't really know how I should manage this. I have a part time job and I make around $700-1k a month, I live alone but I get $ for basic expenses (rent/utilities) from my parents.
Long story short a bunch of things happened and my credit card is almost maxed out, $200 left on amazon, and $350 left on paypal. How should I go about paying this off? Does my credit card take priority over the others? Will my credit score go bad if I make minimum payments and pay it off in the next 1-3 months? Don't know if this matters but I'm 19 and still pretty new to this stuff... One of my older friends told me it would be a good idea to just get another credit card and use it for nothing since it could help my credit. I also want to buy my own car by next year, but I don't really know how I should approach this. -Call sign, Maxed

You’ve had a hell of an introduction into adulthood. If I’ve done my math right, you have a total credit limit of $2,200 and you’ve used $1,550 of it (assuming “almost maxed out” is about $900). One of the heavy factors in determining your credit score is credit utilization. The hard deck for “fair” utilization is 49 percent. You may not have known it, but you broke it. Things happen in life and you were forced to rely on your available credit, so you took it. You took it… and broke a major rule of credit! Credit score factors are not flexible. Either obey them, or you are history. Your older friend is not too off base in suggesting that you get another credit card. When Maverick’s ego was writing checks his body couldn’t cash, he was able to increase his ego credit limit when he slid into Cougar’s spot and went to Top Gun. He made the most of his dream shot. For you to do the same, you need a new credit card to have a limit of $1,000. That would increase your total credit limit to $3,200, safely putting your $1,550 debt at 48.5 percent utilization. New credit card or not, please put all your energy into paying off your debts. 

Q: I (19M) just moved in with a random roommate (25M) and it feels kind of awkward. He’s a cool and chill guy, but the atmosphere is just kind of weird whenever I talk to him and I kind of want to get rid of him, but don't really know how. I'm also bad at making small talk and whatever so it's even harder for me to make it feel normal, I guess.... How can I make it less awk? –Call sign, Awkward Penguin

When Maverick was dealing with Goose’s death and wasn’t sure whether he should quit or not, he visited Viper’s home and was set straight. Facing problems like these are difficult and you want to know your options. Your options? If you own the lease, you could consider kicking him out. There’d be no disgrace, your living situation is hell. It would’ve shook me up. The simple fact is that you feel responsible for making him comfortable and you have a confidence problem. Assuming he'll stick around, focus on collecting the rent check from him and then go about your own business. You don’t owe him anything more than basic respect and the roof you agreed to put over his head.  

Q: My gf of 7 months is drawing the line with me. She told me if I don’t change by Monday, she’s leaving me. She thinks I’m guilt tripping her. Where I understand her is that I do apologize too much and I can act like an asshole and I also allow way too many girls to hug me. Where I can’t is that I can’t help that people like spreading rumors about me. Someone please help me for the love of god. I’ve been telling her for months that I will change but I have no idea where to start. Someone give me a starting point before it’s too late for me please. My problem is I’m very introverted. I’m shy as hell and don’t handle pressure and problems well. Therefore, I’m an idiot when it comes to this. I feel like I’m keeping her around by making her feel like she’s wrong. While she is half wrong she is also half right. What do I do? If she leaves me I might just have to leave this earth. –Call sign, Drama

Don’t let rumors define who you are and don’t invest yourself emotionally in anyone who can’t differentiate between your true character and a rumor. Maverick still showed up to graduation even though the rumor was that he quit. At the bar, Goose's wife, Carole, blabbed to Charlie all about how her little angel, Goose, goes home early for church while Maverick goes home with all the hot women. Maverick didn’t lose his cool, he just laughed it off, and went to sing "Great Balls of Fire" with Goose. Without meeting him, Ice Man judged Maverick because he heard he liked to work alone, and yet, Maverick was the one who came to Ice Man’s rescue in the end. Be true to yourself and the right people will follow. The only concession you should make: stop hugging so many girls that aren’t your girlfriend or mother. 

Q: I like this girl who is a solid 6/10, but she makes up for it with her personality and face. I haven’t asked her out yet, but I feel like I’m gonna get so much shit for it if I do. And I’m not sure if she even likes me or she’s just a social person, but we talk any chance we get. -Call sign, Inner Beauty

Caring about other people’s opinions can cause a lot of anxiety. Charlie tore Maverick’s dogfighting decisions to shreds, humiliating him in front of his peers, all because she didn’t want to get shit from everyone. However, they ended up making passionate, sweet, blue-hued love. I would wait to act until you have a chance to insult her in front of her friends. She’ll get mad and leave, that’s your cue to chase her down. Take back whatever mean thing you said about her, and follow with, “but I can’t say that in there. I was afraid that everyone would see right through me. And I just don’t want anyone to know I’ve fallen for you.” 

Q: I’m worried about my new power supply. There's nothing wrong with it, but I've been really reducing the amount of time I spend playing games on my computer with my new power supply. I just installed it a month ago, and I went to a computer forum telling them what my power supply is, and they said it's not a very good one. I haven't played nearly as many games with it, and I have started turning my computer off since I got it (probably a good habit to have). Is all this just some irrational fear of shortening my new computer part's lifespan, or is it good to do? –Call sign, Wired Warrior

After Goose died, Maverick was having a hard time trusting his ability to dogfight, just as you are having a hard time trusting your power supply’s ability to let you play video games. You probably turn on your computer, hover the mouse over the game icon, then mutter, “It’s not good. It doesn’t look good,” and then power down your computer. Your computer was on, the game was waiting to be played, it doesn’t get to look any better than that! At this rate, you might not make it back to being a gamer. You gotta keep sending yourself out to play. 

Q: How do you tell a dog they are adopted? -Call sign, Who Rescued Who

I'd wait until they are in a period of life which requires clarification. Telling them impulsively runs the risk of defining your relationship by the adoption. When the right time comes, let your dog know their parents did it right and that it was adopted from a good shelter. The dog might look at you with the expression, "How come I never heard that before?" Stick to your guns and tell them that's not something the Animal Shelter tells dependents when the adoption occurs as a puppy. 

Enjoy life everybody. Never miss an opportunity to buzz the tower. 

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