Sunday 11/15 NBA Recap

Big ol’ day among the professional ballers of North America (sans Mexico), props to them for playing on a Sunday in North America. Where the numero uno sport is futbol, just kidding (sorry, Mexico), the biggest sport is football. There’s no shame in being a second banana as long you’re part of the bunch. With that in mind, here’s what you missed while you were cheering on your favorite football team.

Knicks 95-Pelicans 87
Carmelo Anthony continued to not only play actual NBA minutes, but he played them well. Toasting the Pelicans league leading defense to the tune of 29 points, 13 rebounds, and 3 assists to Kevin Seraphin, who had Paris in the back of his mind. Literally. KP6 also blocked Anthony Davis, who was back after missing two games with a broken muscle in his leg. The block was like watching the one Greek Titan punch a better Greek Titan in the face, but the better Greek Titan wasn’t too worried about it, but it was still pretty cool.

Grizzlies 114-Timberwolves 106
Minnesota was within two possessions with 1:33 left, but then a Grizzly nailed a 3-pointer. No upset for the pups, despite shooting 50% from the floor. For every bad defensive outing from the pups, there’s an opposite Grizzlies shooting 56% from the field reaction—and also a pups loss. But Karl Anthony-Towns, the Mayor, showed us why he was the #1 pick with this snazzy assist to Andre Miller.

Hornets 106-Trailblazers 94
The Trailblazers are really missing Meyers Leonard. Without him on the floor missing shots, they lost again… by not scoring more than the other team. It didn’t help that Nicolas Batum scored 33 points in all sorts of ways: dunks, lay-ups, jumpers, catch-and-shoot-shots, pops, and dingers.

Jazz 97-Hawks 96
The Eiffel Tower might be indefinitely shut down, but the Steiffel Tower did double duty for the both of them, putting up 11 points, 11 boards, 3 blocks, 2 steals, and 3 assists. That line, along with the pine, helped the Jazz beat the Hawks by 1 point, 97-96. That’s right, the Jazz bench scored 34 points compared to the lowly 14 for the chicks that the Hawks starters left in the nest. Grow up and fly, Hawks chickies, the adult birds need you!  

Celtics 100-Thanks a lot Starbucks 85
If you watched the team that OKC got because Starbucks hates basketball, then you know that without KD, they’re run of the mill (akin to the rickety old mills that are likely prevalent in OKC). And because they are a mill, they lost to a decent team. Westbrook did a really cool thing though that involved him dunking ferociously as well as blocking heroically. You know, exactly what they were doing last year without KD. 

Kings 107-Raptops 101
Skinny Lowry couldn’t beat a focused Rondo/Cousins. Especially when Boogie is doing things that a superstar should be doing. Don’t count on the Kings trading Cousins anytime soon. Keep your head up Raptors—the Kings stars are playing like they could have been playing all these years in different places, together

Lakers 97-Pistons 85
Kobe Bryant is now using a disabled parking spot when he has home games. Just kidding—he’s always had a reserved spot. It’s just funny to call it a disabled parking spot because everyone knows how sore he was after scoring 17 inefficient (6-19 FG) points. At least he filled out the rest of the stat sheet with 8 rebounds and 9 assists. I’m told on good authority that every assist led to a basketball being scored. Andre Drummond continued confusing rebounds as a stat that needs to mirror points by contributing 17 rebounds and 17 points. 

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